Thursday, 28 May 2009

E3 Rumour Report: seXBOXchange

An undisclosed member of Microsoft's XBOX community team has leaked a fragment of The 'Soft's upcoming E3 press release. The statement reads:

"this coming winter, XBOX users will be able to experience a whole new level of user integration. First, we allowed them to express themselves through their gamerpics and mottos. Then, we upped the ante with profiles and user info. Last year, we brought you the ever-popular Avatars and asked you to marvel at their originality and ability to truly enhance gaming experiences. We now feel that the time is right to go to the next level by allowing our users to truly tailor their experience by changing the sex of their machines."

Picture included with release

To be honest, I never really questioned the sex of my console before, but Microsoft have done it again, because now that I think about it, my XBOX is like a shoddery old crone ready to crumple at any time! I can't wait for this new update so I can change it to a burly lumberjack-type that never fails!

Microsoft promises that this new level of user-generated experience will revolutionise the way in which we think about our consoles. Other rumours suggest that your console's gender and sexual preferences will affect the way in which it interacts with other machines online. Your console will form relationships without your input and arrange dates and games behind your back. They have yet to state whether or not homosexual console relations will be supported.

Keep watch for more E3 predictions!

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Markey said...

Congrats on finding the rankest pic on the web, almost spewed coffee over me keyboard!

Folie A Deux said...

Nothing is too lowbrow now. You've opened the gate with your terrible, terrible picture.