Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Split-Screen Podcast: Episode 2: (Part 1) Peter's Peado Simulator

Despite some technical issues (misplaced files to be more accurate) I hereby proudly present you with the second episode of our humble podcast. Like all good sequels, this has double the everything; twice the length, twice the amount of parts, twice the amount of time spent off-topic and twice the amount of ginger beer.

This episode also features some lovely listener participation for you all. Listen closely and enter our on-the-fly competitions, so we can happily say "A Winner is You!". Also, prizes.

What are you waiting for?



Wish I could take credit for the pic.

The Faux Bot


Jon Davies said...

im going to go with Knightmare

now my two minutes please

Split-Screen said...

If it's Knightmare I'll go spare cos that totally didn't have Craig Charles in it. Knightmare had the fella that was like a shit Brian Blessed.

Bojack85 said...

I didnt go to uni u smug cunts, and it is 4 playerz co-op

Bojack85 said...

It was CYBERZONE!!!!!!!

Split-Screen said...

A WINNER IS YOU! 2 minutes of dedicated Bojack time coming next podcast! Also, don't overlook the fact that I applauded you for NOT going to university.

Folie A Deux said...

Well done gentlemen, another 20 minutes well spent. When can we expect part2?

I must confess I feel closer to the Paperboy than ever before after the revelation we share a dislike of all the people who falsely claim to have OCD. It's quite the phenomenon and at the risk of sounding sexist, in my experience women are the worst for it.

Re: Favorite thing that flips open like the Matrix phone- I'm going to have to go with Bojack's wallet. Nooch.