Sunday, 21 June 2009

Toys are (not) for kids.

What do you do when you come in under your games budget? What in the name of Black Adder's codpiece are you going to spend all that extra money on? Surely not food? I don't know about you, but I've spent the best part of 25 years training my body to survive on cups of tea and sugar... not food. Not DVDs or Music all that stuff falls out of the TV or PC these days, so what? As you've guessed this long intro was a waste of both your time and mine as the answer is in the title. TOYS.

Is the street fighter tournament over for another week? Fully articulated figures can sustain you! Revoltech to the rescue again as their figures all have a guaranteed 4 million movable parts and you can mash them together recreating your most famous victories. Here are 2, a little over stylized in the faces possibly but badass nonetheless. Around $20 each.

If you've got a little (HA) more money to spend and are looking to hype yourself even further for Final Fantasy XIII by revisiting your old favorite characters a mere $300-$400 will get you a 54cm (1/4) Sephiroth. Made from cold cast resin, pvc, real fabric clothes, real leather belt and shoes, with many metal decals @_@. Oh, and only if you can find one in stock.

Alternatively, for less than a third of the Sephiroth price you could pre-order a 33cm PVC Cloud model. To be released towards the end of the year, looking as chiseled as usual in one of his signature poses the model is classic Cloud and a welcome addition to any collection.

Coming soon- Final Fantasy XIII toys. Hooray! Picture comes from Square Enix's figure project diary.


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vandalworks said...

or you could just buy the transformers you owned as a child and played to death with. which seems to be what i'm currently addicted to on ebay. revoltech are good, i have an optimus prime one and they're pretty darn swish.