Sunday, 28 June 2009

200th post spectacular!

Bit of a misleading title there. Whilst this is indeed the 200th post, there is very little in the way of 'spectacular'. This does, however, give me the opportunity to be a bit reflective, which is by no means a bad thing. The fact that we're still doing this and that some people are still coming here means that this blog has potential. Potential for what I don't know exactly, greater things maybe, a wider audience, something that could in some way be deemed as success.

I'm rambling a bit, so I'll summarise. All readers, thank you, very, very much. All comments and your continued visits is what gives this a purpose. All contributors, you already know how much it means to me and I still stand by my 'job for life' mantra. We can make it happen.

Beyond getting all sentimental, I did have something in mind for this post, something which would be particularly relevant for us all right now. I Got Next is a documentary concerning the mentality of people involved in fighting game tournaments. Namely, Street Fighter ones. It features everyone's favourite fat-ass second placer Justin Wong and loads of people speaking with enormous amounts of self-importance. Excuse me for sounding so cynical, I'm just jealous because these guys get paid to be awesome at a game that I pay to suck at........go figure.

Trailer below, download link on the site.

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Bojack85 said...

Please tell me that this isn't an actual trailer for an actual film?! who would want to watch a bunch of people taking a game far too seriously for over a hour?