Sunday, 19 August 2007


Another slow Sunday, another top 5:

Babababaabababababdamamamamamammmmmmmramamamam, drums rolls etc.

1. Skate demo REALLY gets a release date. They announced it, delayed it and then vowed never to announce it again for fear of it going all tits-up a second time. But somehow, EA Blackbox have regained confidence in Microsoft, clearly announcing that the demo will be hitting the XBOXLive Marketplace this coming Tuesday. Also, the day of Bojack's birthday. If it is a spectacular demo, it may very well make me a full-time shut-in. In which case, I won't see him, so just incase - Happy Birthday you big hunk of 80's cop you. But I digress.....This makes me very happy.

2. Bioshock Demo. It is jaw-dropping. Outstanding. One of the most sophisticated and intriguing games I have ever played. If Royal Mail play nice, I should have the full version for review by next week. Say no more.

3. I inherit a DS. My wonderful girlfriend has kindly donated her baby Pink DS to yours truly. As she awaits her shiny ice blue imported DS Lite, I am currently wallowing in the pleasures of Mario Kart, WarioWare and Harvest Moon. Now, if I could just get my hands on a copy of Animal Crossing.....

4. I get that little bit closer to finishing Crackdown. I'm not exactly a sucker for 360 Achievements, but there are a few games which made the quest for them actually seem worthwhile. Along with Viva Pinata, Crackdown's achievements provided me with a massive amount of playtime, frustration and enjoyment. I am now a mere two achievements away from completion. After getting Ring Leader this week, I am now left with the task of finding the 4 remaining Hidden Orbs and doing that fucking ridiculous racing one where you have to get gold in every race, in every car. Bollocks to that.

5. Streets of Rage 2 coming to Live Arcade. YES! Thanks to a refreshingly enthusiastic sales guy at one of my local(ish) Gamestation stores, I was told that this was indeed happening. The Mega Drive classic, with the kid on the Rollerblades is on its way, pleasingly confirmed by this handy list:
I never actually owned this game, instead choosing to pester friends for a go on theirs. So this, in a way, is a little bit like a dream come true for me. Make sure we get co-op you fuckers! Nah, I'm just joshing, I love you guys really........but seriously, co-op, right?

You guys have been great.

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