Friday, 18 January 2008

Who to turn to when it’s all said and done?

The holidays are far behind us, we’ve moved into a new year and that lust for something new is as strong as the temptation to break the New Years resolution, if you made one and it has actually lasted up to this point. The games we had for our holiday session should now be turning into somewhat of a chore rather than the enlightened sense of discovery that they began as. So, what now? If, like me you are craving something different but have discovered that there doesn’t seem to be anything new on the horizon for some time, you may think that there is no hope for the world.

What to do is not an easy question to answer, but in times of need we do what we do best, well second best, the best we do in these situations is get drunk. But, after getting drunk we always look to the past for salvation. There is a lot of history for games; there are many games out there that, just because they are not brand new, are very enjoyable indeed. Everybody has that safety game, the game that must be found, dusted off and provide us with many joyful hours. Just think in a few years, that game from Christmas that is a struggle now could very well be that safety game.

There are so many titles that I could bring up here and I could happily waste my days in work listing them, but I won’t. This is very much an individual love affair and sharing my choices would prove pretty meaningless. So don’t despair, trawl through your old boxes, get down the pre-owned bins, or check the internet. There you could find that gaming salvation and live on in the past until the future is ready for you.

Don’t you open that trapdoor!

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