Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Drip-feed, suckers! Are you as desperate for info. as I am?

Videogames as a medium, comes hand-in-hand with hyperbole and bullshit. As I've mentioned here before, very few, if any, games manage to escape even a small smattering of unjustified hype. Nevertheless, there is one game series in particular that has the power to get me frothing and willfully swallowing every last bitter morsel that drops from the gaming news dinner table. I am of course, talking about Grand Theft Auto.

Being an XBOX owner, I never got to experience GTA 3 and its sequels on release. I had to wait for the ports, superior as they were this doing little to hold during those long waits for the exclusivity period to wear off. Luckily, For the first time, I will get to experience a Grand Theft Auto game on release and feel part of the masses I so adore.

I don't have to justify my excitement anyhow. If your not excited for this game, then you probably didn't enjoy the others and therefore, have no soul. (I kid).

To get to the point, go here:

A decent and concise playtest that tells you everything you want to hear.

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