Saturday, 5 January 2008

This is how Hitler got started....

Maybe this says something disturbing about my generation, or just me as an individual, but negativity seems to flow so much easier. My aggressive, violent and angry vocabulary is so much broader than my positive, nice one. Its little wonder though, after all, most of the best words are swear words, and the reactions from them are so much more fun to watch. Dropping the C-bomb at the most inappropriate time has brought me a multitude of self-satisfying moments of comedy genius.

I came to this realisation a while ago, when I began tallying the amount of discussions I had attacking culture and society opposed to the amount I had praising it. Needless to say, I found myself to be a very, very angry chap. As I mentioned before, the problem with it is that it comes so easily. I made a commitment there and then, to save my aggressive spews for only the most deserving candidates.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the most recent of those candidates.

There is no escaping the widespread ignorance of the general public when videogames are concerned. But, I go about happily in my own little isolated subculture, not worrying about the misunderstandings of others, after all, it's not for them. Sometimes, though, lines can be crossed and voices cannot be ignored- S Campbell of South Wales, for example.

Over Christmas and the New Year we've seen knife crime and youngsters getting killed in cars. For presents this year some of them might have been given Playstation or Xbox games like Assassin's Creed or Need For Speed.

I really worry about the kind of person who thinks up these games. I can't understand why they aren't stopped.

Where to begin.......

First of all, let's make one thing clear. This was taken from the 'Your Shout' section of the Daily Mirror, a paper not exactly on-par with The Sun, but not one famed for the intellectual depth of its readers either. Also, I am assuming she is a woman, I mean, it is always them that do the moaning, right lads!? (wwwwwwwooooooooah)


Now, I may seem a tad harsh here, but shouldn't people like this be sterilised for the good of society as a whole? Can you imagine if such an idiot were allowed to breed? She may pass on her wild and sweeping generalisations onto future generations. I can see that she has a complete lack of understanding, and clearly has no experience or interaction with videogames as a medium. She has simply picked killing game (A) and driving game (B) out of her Argos sale supplement and let rip with wild abandon. Well done on working out how to use the keyboard Mrs. Campbell. But just remember, your innocent PC is a portal to some of the most depraved material ever created, so maybe you want to keep your witch-hunting a little closer to home, no? I mean, surely, the Internet needs to be censored too. We can't have people indulging in entertainment of their choosing now, can we?

What frustrates me most about this idiotic pissbag, is the way in which she assumes that videogames are somehow created by the hand of one, singular, sick and twisted individual, whose sole purpose is to profit from the corrupting of young minds. She must lose sleep at night, worrying about the bogeyman in his monitor-filled 'lab of terror', concocting the most nefarious products to erode the values of her soon-dead generation, in a bid to create a race of genocide-hungry, absolute fuckmonsters who will roam the earth, soon to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It wasn't like this in the 50's, was it Mrs. Campbell? No car accidents, or dangerous youth subcultures, and knives? Of course there were knives, but only on the dinner table, right? No murders and an ideal paradise that was corrupted by the influence of technology. We are so sorry Mrs. Campbell. Frankie Fraser was just a resourceful businessman wasn't he? And those Krays, well, they did love their mother.

I'm usually a pretty accepting person. If I don't agree with something, I'll let it go, but this kind of idiocy really does bring out the worst in me. I truly believe that this moron should be sterilised, or better still, put down, humanely of course. She is by no means the worst offender, but she has caught my attention and that makes her the target. She now becomes the personification of ignorance towards games, and for that, I will have to end her.

A tad extreme? Ah well, self-control is overrated anyway.

Sweet dreams.

The Faux-Bot

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