Friday, 17 April 2009

You thought we wouldn't notice..

Since it's release I've been both amused and a little depressed with the idea that Resident Evil 5 is so desperately playing catch-up with Gears of War. Ironic, that a series so heavily reliant upon ideas forged in Resident Evil 4, should now be miles ahead of its one-time mentor. This serves as the perfect example to how the Japanese have totally fucked up this generation: Western software and to a smaller extent western hardware both rule the roost.

As if more evidence were needed, I thought I'd share this with you - the navigation pages for the Resident Evil 5 homepage and for the Gears of War homepage:

Notice the similarity? And let's not forget that Gears' multiplayer is included in the retail price. Up yours Capcunt/Cuntcom, I love watching you lose.

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Irkin Invader said...

You need to chill bro


Split-Screen said...

No way man! Those Capcom stiffs got to you. They're inside your head man! You totally don't see the big picture: Capcom are essentially the Soylent company.

PrestiegeWorldwide1985 said...

Are they really loosing??? i mean really?? yeah they charge you for content already on the disc but ppl still buy it, i bought the resi multiplayer and it was shit i can shout and scream all i want but will i get my points and my dignity back????????? :( , ive been raped by capcunt, maybe ill find redemption by trading in my street fighter 4 and melting my fightpad down and forging it into a ashtray! Screw the japs!!!

Split-Screen said...

Look, let's not go mental here. At least SFIV, bullshit content aside, is an incredible game. And you're right, they're not exactly losing, but being the frustrated consumer that I am I'll take whatever I can get.