Friday, 10 April 2009

This week I 'ave mostly been playing...

Frontlines: Fuel of war and the Peggle demo.

Peggle is a game that seems to have the depth of a learners swimming pool but is as addictive as cocaine. I really can't explain it. It works OK as an arcade game but seems to be designed to be visually appealing for the under 3s- blue horses and things of that nature, shoot the little ball into other little balls or 'pegs' for points. The name is stupid, who decided they were pegs? They just look like little balls to me, I suggest a much better name for the game might be 'Shoot my balls'. It is addictive in nature but so are so many other games that would be more worth my money. This falls into a position somewhere below 'play with the cat' in my list of things to do.

Frontlines is a middle of the road game for me. I enjoyed capturing points on the map aspect but as a whole it never really grabbed my full attention. I've completed one play through and none of the plot really stuck, just point, shoot and move. One aspect I did enjoy though is the multiplayer. Lots of players running around jumping into vehicles blowing each other up and fighting for positions- the vehicle use making it a bit different from other multiplayers of this type I've played. Good fun, but I'm glad it was borrowed and not bought.



vandalworks said...

man what do you think about thie whole onlive and cloud things that seem to be happening? streaming videogaming i think its been described as... really hope it wont happen!

Split-Screen said...

Well, there's alot who probably thought that everything would be digital distribution by now. I know there's alot of it, but hard copies still do the numbers. So whatever happens, I think all things would co-exist. Any reason you're against it in particular though? I mean, if it's up to what they say it is, I wouldn't mind giving Crysis a go, seeing as the upgrades needed to play it are a tad out of my price range.