Sunday, 23 March 2008

Speaking of Sonic....

I'd like to believe that somehow, the Games industry watched this blog like a flock of hawks, eager to tap into the mindset of gamers and shape future releases to our will. In honesty, that is probably not the case, but what a coincidence that just a few days after my Sonic rant, footage of the brand-new Sonic Unleashed surfaces.

Uncanny timing aside, I find it hard to be impressed by this. I'm definitely intrigued by the idea of a new 'proper' Sonic game, and I live in hope that with all his recent failings, at least some lessons will have been learned. The throwback camera is a nice touch and about the closest thing to 'Sonic' we've seen in years: hats off to them it's a bold move. If they do away with all the faux-RPG elements and god-awful American voice overs, we could be onto a winner here.

The problem is that somewhere along the evolutionary timeline, Sonic just became irrelevant. I can't take credit for this, it was actually put forward in a response to my previous entry on Destructoid, but Sonic was doomed from the start. Quite simply he was formed as the anti-Mario, the one with all the cool and all the speed. Mario grows old gracefully, starring in genre-defining titles along the way whilst Sonic, ironically, is just struggling to keep up. I don't want to get excited, as a damage limitation measure more than anything but whatever happens I'll be watching this one's career with great interest....

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