Tuesday, 25 March 2008

PS3- First Impressions ( the non fanboy opinion )- Part 1

OK... So I got my PS3 finally and I'm pretty impressed. Firstly, I have a 360, I game on 360, I love a 360 and the reason why I got a PS3 is because I can finally afford to and though "why not". Im not a fanboy of the best system but rather games :D. 

So I bought my PS3 for UT3, Warhawk, Eoj, MGS4, GT5 and all those other games that the 360 won't have ( I know the 360 is getting UT3 but I couldn't wait so fuck  you :D)

The reason why I'm even writing this on these flame ready forums as I wanna give a first day impression from what I'd like too think is a very UNBIASED source... I'd like to think I'm fair in my points and that I back everything with reason, here we go:

1. UNPACKING:- I like the way it was packaged, it's alright, nothing special. I wasn't as blown away as I was when i got my 360 in that little box. When I opened my 360 I got a semi, I'll admit that... BUT... soon as you get the ps3 out, OMG! full hard-on. It looks like a v high end piece of equipment and I was impressed. There is a size difference, but the 360 is a ugly skinny chick and the PS3 is a sexy larger girl. So each to there own on that one I guess :D

2. SETUP:- It was a piece of piss. I had a PS2, so it took all of 3 min. The 360 took a little longer, like 4 so there pretty equal there.

3. INITAL SETUP:- Both the same APART from the update to 2.20 on the PS3 which took ages (or what seemed like it). The 360 just felt like it got you up and gaming quicker out the box. I think I turned on my PS3 at 5pm and was browsing the PSN store by 6 where as when i got my 360, was playing multiplayer on live in pgr3 with in 15 min from setup.

4. Menu First Impression:- PSN WINS! hand's down. as soon as that little piece of classical music starts you think WOW, this is such a mature product, and that XMB bar is so sexy, so efficient, it lovely. Don't get me wrong the XBLA menu is nice, but thats all... It's nice, not wow.

5. Signing up to PSN:- OMG! This shit felt like it took an age, it felt longer then it needed to be BUT this was speeded up by using a keyboard and mouse. So it balances it's self out. XBLA felt like it was much easier to set up. Also psn is free wOOt! +1 

6. Adding a friend:- Both pretty much the same, I only went to add summa ( Mate I know with a ps3 ) cos I knew his tag

7. Starting a game:- Same, put in a game, it plays... I don't know, but is there an option to stop the game from starting when you put it in? 

8. PSN store Vs XBL store:- I can use my switch card... and just pay for what I want? I don't have to pay for points? so if i was PJM for 3.50, I don't have to spend £10 on a card. Yep, point made, it's amazing. I love it, already bought warhawk and omega pack, gonna get pain, PJM and tekken. I really like you don't have to use points. BUT the UK store on PSN don't have as much as XBLA. When it does then the psn store will be even stronger.

9. In game menu:- Quit Game, turn off controller, or PS3. Thats what the Playstation button does so far in games. Yes the XMB in game will make it a lot better but i do like the way 360 does this. Changing in game music on the fly, getting messages, seeing friends etc would make it much better. 

10. Controller:- OMG, after using my 360 and PS2, the PS3 controller feels like something fisher price made, there's no weight there. I've already been on play-asia and ordered a DUEL-SHOCK, I need to feel like I ain't gonna break the thing. On a plus, In built battery AND the usb charger makes it a very cool extra.

These are the only points I can write about so far, as I've had it A day, and the only reason why i'm writing this and not playing is cos warhawks downloading other wise you won't see me for dust :D

FINAL THOUGH:- I see my PS3 as blueray player and something I can play all the games I can't get on 360. I'll still use my 360 as I still got live for a year, all my mates are on it, and it does have the better online service atm

These are my first impressions, and if you don't agree, make a time machine, go back to when I got my ps3 and change my view, but until you do that, suck my nuts :D

-- Mowley

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