Sunday, 22 June 2008

Games & Fashion: Part Deux

Last time I wrote about gaming fashion I didn't have this snappy headline, so think of this as being more like a spiritual sequel rather than another one of my half-arsed attempts at some sort of consistent feature. Again, I'm sourcing this from hipster's favourite, where they reveal that Triumvir are set to produce a range of Street Fighter t-shirts. The Orange County-based, self-professed "independent lifestyle company" have found themselves lucky enough to be granted with the opportunity to produce a clothing line to coincide with Street Fighter 2's 25th anniversary and the launch of Street Fighter 4.

This could so easily be just a case of some guys knocking out a range of shirts with Street Fighter screen prints on them. However, the fact that the first set of tees are being built around the theme of Shadowloo -Bison's crime syndicate- suggests that Triumvir are taking this more seriously, looking to communicate with fans of the series, rather than simply cash in on the name. This, coupled with their delightfully nostalgic blog is more than enough to get me excited. I love the idea that the popular culture that I personally grew up with can now see new light through re-interpretation and re-appropriation. I'm not going to get all postmodern on yo' asses here, I'll refrain from that and keep it simple. I fucking love Street Fighter 2 and I want to see it on t-shirts. I'll keep the postmodern recycling slant for future essays. Should also mention that Shadowloo theme equals maximum potential for the inclusion of Cammy. Enough said.

As I mentioned before, it's partly down to the nostalgic blog that I am so much more interested in these t-shirts. I too have fond memories of Street Fighter 2's arcade cabinets. Brynmawr Chip Shop had one and I sank more 50p's into that thing than I ever spent on FA cup sticker collections and Hubba Bubba's combined. Childhood was incredible and it wouldn't have been the same without Street Fighter 2. It's so pleasing to know that we weren't the only kids who replicated the moves in the playground, I just wonder if anyone else got their mates to do the energy bars for them, now that's the innocence of youth right there.

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