Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Beautiful user generated help guides

Recently I came across some help guides on youtube that I thought to be of note and more than worth my time commenting on. I've been playing Beautiful Katamari the last few weeks and enjoying the craziness immensely it must be said, so imagine my delight to find some awesome help videos for the hard to find presents and cousins (not to mention 100 point guides). All at the touch of a button no less!

Mr 'ZoopSoul' has taken the time to film some of the best videos I've seen on the subject, with, I hasten to add, funny as hell commentaries to boot! Currently 84 videos in his repertoire makes his video collection pretty comprehensive, and with their help I'm convinced the 410 gamer-points I've accrued so far will soon increase in size much like my little Katamari.

Roll on my crazy friend.


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