Monday, 9 March 2009

The obligatory 'I'm Back!' mega-cram post.

Yeah, so what, I had another prolonged absence from posting, big woop, wanna fight about it?

I probably should have announced the absence, like a professional, but that's not why you come here is it? So I'm back, in the slightest way possible. Normal service shall resume shortly. Me and Paperboy took a mutual leave from the Throwdowning last week and the last one still remains tied. We shall be resolving all of this soon, please just be patient.

That's about it really. I can promise that I've actually got a few ideas brewing ready for when I get back into my regular routine. For now, just feat your eyes on this:

Michael Lau does Solid Snake. Now if you have any interest in designer toys, then you'll know that name. The man who kick started the movement also known as 'urban vinyl' (fucking disgraceful term) has lately turned his hand to reinterpreting pop culture imagery into his character designs - his last series adopting the looks from Stanley Kubrick characters. If this turns out to be more than just advertising and he actually makes a Snake style figure, I will cream my little boy shorts and sell my mother to get one.

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Folie A Deux said...

Urban vinyl- HAH! Scott Malkinson could have come up with a better term than that and he's got diabetes.