Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Game developers never lie/Selotape solves everything: A double-pronged video attack

Consider this a lesson in how, and how not to, promote your new game. The first video, over-hyping Prototype, shows us how some moody lighting, and equally moody music can be used in order to make shitty, pre-alpha build tech demos seem interesting. This video is essentially some pompous directors talking about how amazing their game is, but not why. I remember New York, lots of paintings, and some guy at the end looking like he's gonna beat the shit out of the poor shmuck behind the camera for even suggesting that this may be just another exercise in hyperbole.

The second video shows a tech demo for the new Alone in the Dark game. It features the coolest inventory screen I've ever seen, lots of selotape and a boatload of potential. This game, as far as I am concerned is going in the right direction, allowing gamers to make their own experiences through gameplay options, rather than feigning them through pre-set dialog trees. I assure you, that is by no means a dig at Mass Effect.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to Prototype, it should be great fun, but come on....are those guys for real?

Also on the subject of hyperbole, Peter Molenyuex has stopped talking about Fable 2 now, probably because it will never get released. Instead, he's decided to harp on about how the new game from the Black & White team will be so amazing that it will both cure cancer and restore peace to the Middle East. Molenyuex is a dick, plain and simple. You'd think after Fable being so painfully underwhelming in light of his hype, that he'd have learned his lesson. I guess not. Like I said though, the guy is a dick and I can’t be bothered to write about it properly, so follow this link and save me the heartache will ya? http://kotaku.com/357947/molyneuxs-at-it-again-talking-up-revolutionary-things

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