Thursday, 9 October 2008

I-ma-gin-a-a-a-tion, I-ma-gin-a-a-a-tion, I-ma-gin-a-a-a-tion,I-ma-gin-a-a-a-tion,I-ma-gin-a-a-a-tion

Fair play to the art designers over at Rare, because they have it in spades. Imagination, that is. When I first saw this video, I was rather perplexed. I couldn't quite work out why anybody would want to show a video that just has the camera sweeping through the pre-rendered environment. Then it struck me.

The game looks downright stunning, and if I had produced something that unique and drool-worthy, then I'd probably post a video showing it off aswell. Rare: you continue to impress me. Kudos. It's games like this that make me realise just how dull World At War is going to be. Beige, guys, grey guns. *yawn*

Enjoy that splash of technicolour brilliance, then break your mind with this. I couldn't find the Wonder Showzen clip that the title refers to, but I did find something that might be a perfect representation of what kind of show it is:

The Faux Bot

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