Monday, 25 August 2008

Yes, but the real question is: Does Mark Hamill do the voice for him?

I don't know if I've ever confessed it on here before, but frankly, I'm shit at beat-em-ups. Absolute rubbish. The reason? A complete lack of manual dexterity and an attention span that a 6 year old ADD sufferer could put to shame. I learn a handful of easily executable moves, flog them to death and consequently, crumple like so many paper cups when faced with any sort of genuine competition.

The problem is that I also love a good brawler. The magnificent Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will always be in my top 10 and I have the softest of soft spots for Soul Calibur's Seigfried (he's so dreamy, also, big sword). So, I routinely punish myself, by playing these games but constantly lack the patience or dedication to unlock their full potential and actually get anywhere with them. Luckily, the Mortal Kombat series never really posed such a problem to me. I always thought the character design was shit, and the fatalities (by far the series' strong point) were too difficult for me to either remember or master. Now it's all change.They had to go and throw a spanner in my works.....

Watch to the end of the video for one of the coolest fatalities ever.

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All you need is some of Bojack85's MODS