Wednesday, 9 July 2008

WTF Is Grand Theft Auto IV?

You may very well be forgiven if you've all but forgotten about GTAIV. I openly admit that despite the single player campaign being absolutely fantastic, the multiplayer wore too thin, too quickly. It simply doesn't stand the test of time and will never be able to compare with the likes of Call of Duty 4. I still love the game though, I'm just done with it long before I thought I ever would be.

It seems that some are still playing it though, as wonderfully demonstrated by this glorious nugget of user-generated content, or machimana, or whatever the fuck its called. Kudos goes to Prof Membrain for discovering this one on the spyware-infested nerd's favourite:, which is actually a superb movie website. I just got sick of cleaning my computer everytime I went on there. The execution is hardly amazing in this video, but I've yet to see better and you've got to give them credit for their ingenuity. If the video floods your computer with Trojans, don't blame me.

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